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·         A dedicated and meticulous post-production professional with over 14 years’ experience in the industry
·         Skills include Non-Linear and Tape-To-Tape editing and full understanding of post-production workflows


·         Re-versioning and QCing promo videos in Adobe Premiere.

·         Re-versioning graphics in After Effects.

·         Carting graphics for playout.

·         Updating music licence information using Soundmouse

15th Jan to 24th Jan 2020


August 11th 2016 to 7th June 2019 and April 16 2014 – March 20 2016

·         Working as a freelance editor and assistant media manager.
·         Editing with Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro.
·         Editing a wide variety of promos creatively and on my own recognizance.
·         Working with both HD and SD footage in PAL, NTSC and Film rate formats.
·         Making content edits for various airline's guidelines. This includes re-versioning programs for the Arabic and Chinese markets. Maintaining the program's integrity while being aware of the cultural sensitivities of the region.
·         Subtitling programs using Lemony, Title Exchange and EZ Convert. This includes converting various subtitle formats into .XML files readable in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.
·         Downloading and converting files to our in-house spec.
·         QCing encodes for technical issues, bitrate and correct language.
·         Encoding video via MPEG Streamclip, Media Encoder and Compressor for use with Content Agent and Vantage. This often involves Standards Conversion.
·         Managing media with Final Cut Server & Reach Engine.
·         Training Junior Editors.
·         Coordinating and booking edits for producers.


March 2016 - August 2016

·         Creating Facebook videos mainly for the Financial Times and in house Need To Know Facebook channel as well as occasional videos for Alltime Movies, Alltime Conspiracy and Football Daily.
·         Editing content using Premiere Pro.
·         Creating graphics to an established template using After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.
·         Creating original channel prototypes, animations and templates.
·         Locating stock images and content via Google.
·         Contributing to the script.


November 2008 – April 15 2014

·         Editing with Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. Responsible for the creation of promos, compiling programme channels and menus for various airlines, including Emirates, Qatar Airways and KLM, according to the guidelines set out by the respective airlines.
·         Responsible for editing together the Euronews program for KLM to a daily deadline.
·         Creating pitch videos for airlines
·         Creating booth videos and marketing materials for industry events and conventions
·         Managing media with Final Cut Server and Reach Engine.
·         Using CommVault to backup and retrieve media.
·         Fixing audio and video dropouts.
·         Spotting and editing objectionable content out of programmes.
·         Meeting daily, weekly and monthly deadlines.
·         Ensuring that the content is delivered to the airlines in a satisfactory, broadcast quality state, via BetaSP, DigiBeta or digital means, ensuring the satisfaction of over 5 million passengers a month.

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